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Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group Inc. to participate in the development of a new fund

Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group Inc. announced that it intends to participate in the development of a group of new socially responsible investment (SRI) funds lead by a consortium of Canadian entrepreneurs and finance professionals.

Strategy and Approach

Eupex Group Inc. employs an engagement approach that is designed to solve your organization's issue in an effective and efficient manner. While working closely with your organization's personnel, Eupex Group Inc. provides tailored results-oriented solutions in a timely manner.  

Eupex Group Inc. focus on results, not billable hours. Our commitment to you begins and ends with measurable and effective results. Eupex Group Inc. works with its clients the same way its consultants work internally: as a team.

Eupex Group Inc.'s typical approach to each mandate is as follows: 


1. Strategic Analysis (What are we doing?)

  • Initial issue analysis and diagnosis

  • Information and data gathering

  • Scope of engagement and proposal determination

  • Management consulting engagement contract

2. Action Planning (How will we do it?)

  • Develop proposed strategic solutions

  • Evaluate alternative solutions

  • Present action plan to client

  • Plan for implementation

3. Implementation (Let's get it done)

  • Train organization's personnel

  • Assist and monitor implementation

  • Adjust solutions as needed

  • Suggest new guidance and control measures for new practice

4. Evaluation (It's done!)

  • Evaluation

  • Settling of commitments

  • Final report and withdrawal

  • Follow-up



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