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Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group Inc. to participate in the development of a new fund

Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group Inc. announced that it intends to participate in the development of a group of new socially responsible investment (SRI) funds lead by a consortium of Canadian entrepreneurs and finance professionals.

Welcome to Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group

Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group Inc. (Eupex Group Inc.) is a management consulting firm dedicated to providing tailored management consulting solutions to organizations. Eupex Group Inc.’s core consulting specialties include Corporate Finance, Operations Management, Corporate Strategy, and Risk Management.

Eupex Group Inc.’s competitive advantage, among other valued traits, is its ability to leverage its intellectual capital, diverse consultants’ backgrounds, and expertise to all consulting engagements. Relying on a top-tier group of advisors, professionals, corporate strategists, and a host of other premium talent, Eupex Group Inc. provides a resourceful and effective approach to handling clients' expectations.

Eupex Group Inc.'s management consulting engagements  vary in scope and depth, however  its core management consulting engagements typically fall within one or more of the following areas:

Strategic Management

Operations Management

Financial Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Contact Eupex Group Inc. today for additional details on how it can add value to your organization.

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