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Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group Inc. to participate in the development of a new fund

Eupex Development & Acquisitions Group Inc. announced that it intends to participate in the development of a group of new socially responsible investment (SRI) funds lead by a consortium of Canadian entrepreneurs and finance professionals.

Financial Management

Eupex Group Inc. provides financial management consulting to organizations at various stages of development. Organizations understand that finance is the life-blood  for their existence and financial management decisions impact all areas of the organization. Effective and efficient financial management is a value-creating endeavour and failure to reach such a threshold may result in the organization's demise.

An organization may engage an accounting firm or accountants to provided financial management consulting services. Although Eupex Group Inc. also engages accountants from time to time, a distinction must be made between financial management and accounting management consulting services. 


Financial Management and Accounting Management are two separate and distinct disciplines. Financial Management (or Finance) is the science of planning the distribution of an organization's assets. Financial Management involves, among other things, analyzing the performance of an organization in order to forecast its future performance, making decisions regarding working capital management (such as the level of inventory, cash holdings, credit levels, etc.), capital budgeting, and investments (including mergers and acquisitions). Whereas Accounting Management (or Accounting) is the art of recording and reporting financial transactions. The financial documents derived from these transactions are widely used among analysts, investors, tax authorities, executives, and many others to determine how the organization is performing. Eupex Group Inc. provides Financial Management services only.


A financial management engagement may include, or be referred to as:

  • Capital Budgeting

  • Working Capital Management

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Additional information coming soon.


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